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Packing & Shipping

  • Why doesn’t the cost of postage reflect orders containing just consumables?
    As we begin to offer different consumables it's important that we highlight we're still focusing on our eLiquid line. The consumables are designed to compliment our juice offering and, for that reason, we won't be adjusting the postage costs for orders containing only consumables.
  • How do I get an awesome VapeHype box?
    We've been getting asked a lot lately about our boxes and what it takes to get one. It's pretty simple, if you order 3 or more bottles of juice you'll get a box. Single bottle or two bottle orders will be dispatched in a JIffy Bag. We are working on a box for smaller orders so hopefully, in the near future, everyone will get one no matter what order size!
  • Who do you use for shipping?
    We use the Royal Mail for all our shipping. Despite all their issues, they offer a decent service at a reasonable price.
  • When will I receive my order?
    We do our best to dispatch orders on the same day we receive them, the only advice we can give is to make your order as early in the day as possible.


  • When will (insert awesome juice here) be back in stock?
    Although we aim to have ALL Juice in stock at ALL times, it is possible that from time to time something is out of stock. Our system has live stock updates and reordering alerts but, as you can imagine, getting Juice through customs can be a long process. If something is out of stock and you need/want it urgently, let us know and we can give you an ETA!

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